Deploy failed, app created with nodejs (express)

What is the problem ? There is no error in the console but the deploy is failed

Is your app running? If I rember correctlyy then render’s default port is 10000, so your app is builiding fine but it is not being served.

You can do something like const port = process.env.PORT || 3000; and then app.listen(port)

I did it but still not working

Hi there again

Could you share some information about your app? Without anything to go on, its just a shot in the dark what could be wrong. For example:

  • Does your app run locally?
  • What do the logs say?
  • How is your application structured (do you have a public repo?)
  • What is the build command both in render and in package.json?
  • What is the start command both in render and in package.json?

thanks, the problem is in the build command. I have put “yarn” instead “npm i” :smile:

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Nice catch. Good to hear everything is working.

You just saved my life :smile:

where to put that to solve the issue because i experience the same

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