Very slow deploy for simple node js app on free tier

I recently switched from Heroku to Render to host some of my dev environments on the free tier. I noticed that deploys for the free tier are extremely slow. It could take between 30 seconds to 1 minutes on the Heroku free tier, and on Render, it takes between 7 to 10 minutes. If I switch my app to the Starter tier, the deployment takes around 1 minute. Am I crazy of should there not be that big of a difference?

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Free plans are noted as having slower deploys than paid plans, that’s one of the limitations of Free Plans

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Same boat, only slower! 13 mins to tell me it failed. Im trying to get strapi backend hosted on here. I think Ive done whats required. it failed on render.yaml file where I had “npm run build” (instead of github repos default yarn run build") and the error log asked if I meant this. I switched back to yarn, though Im using npm locally and it errors out again, after 10 minutes. Any suggestions welcome!

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Slower builds are noted on free plans as mentioned in my last post. I’ve responded to your other post, where you seem to have identified the problem: