Deploys are incredibly slow yet being charged extra for build minutes

Overall I’m happy with render but the deploys are incredibly slow, but even paid plans are only allotted a pretty low amount of builds minutes.

Charging extra for build minutes while deploy times are in the state they’re in feels almost predatory.

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear you’re running into issues with slow deploys. If there are any specific examples you’d like us to look into, you can open a ticket directly via our dashboard or by emailing from your Render account email address and we’ll be happy to look into that.

It is worth noting that we specifically charge for the duration of the build, not the deploy. So if the application has build already and is delayed on the deploy, we will not count the deploy duration towards your build minutes.

I did also want to point out that we have released the ability to Deploy from an image in early access, which can help cut down on deploy times and build minutes if you are building the image outside of Render.

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