Just moved over from Heroku. Why do deploys take so long?

So just like it says in the title. I’ve migrated my business from Heroku to Render and so far a few issues

  1. Deploys seem to take AGES and definitely seem to affect the performance of the site while they are happening. Does anyone else experience this?

  2. I am using beefier servers and a beefier database here than I was using on Heroku but my metrics seem higher and site seems slower. Again… anyone else experience this?

  1. From my experience, building doesn’t impact running services. The build process isn’t as fast as heroku.

  2. I only have one of my lower traffic apps on Render but the response times are faster than heroku.


I’m moving a larger elixir app over soon, that will be a great test.

  1. As @Frigidcode mentioned, we see the app continue to accept incoming requests while deploying new versions. How are you messing the performance during this time? Are you able to see the cut over point from the new to the old box once the deploy is complete?

  2. We see a higher latency to our DB, but that is because the region has changed. Our current DB is hosted on us-east-1 and Render only deploys to us-east-2. If we decide to move forward with Render, we will be moving our DB to us-east-2 and we would expect the latency to be greatly reduced.

Regarding performance, we use a Performance L on Heroku and during our unscientific tests, we found very similar if not better performance from Render’s highest tier Pro Max 16GB 4x CPU box.

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