Outrageously slow builds for a basic, empty Strapi instance

So we’ve just tried out Render (were using Heroku before) with a simple Strapi instance (i.e, fresh install, nothing but the graphQL and S3 plugins in it).

Regardless of presence of cache it takes ~10 MINUTES to build.

Change one component and push? Ten minutes.
Change one line of config and push? Ten minutes.

Is anyone else seeing that? An identical instance on Heroku’s free tier takes around 1 minute to build.

Hi Mitch,

Was this on Render’s free tier? We have a different build process for free tier services, which takes longer than paid tier. We are looking into ways to improve build speeds for free tier as well as making the limitation clearer.

If this wasn’t a free tier service, let me know and I’d be happy to look into this more.

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