[URGENT] Cloudflare + Render - sudden traffic drop in last few days

In last 3-4 days I am experiencing a massive decline in traffic to my static site hosted on Render.

First, from January 13th, Cloudflare started reporting 80% decrease in visitors, which alone looked very unnatural to me.

Few days after that, Google started to derank and deindex many of the pages causing 30% decline in traffic (and growing). This could make sense as usually Google will start to derank websites if they can’t be accessed.

This is very frustrating as there is no reason why the site is being deranked - there is no manual penalty, Core Web Vitals are all excellent and the site has quality content.

I have suspicion either Render or Cloudflare block the access to the website for many visitors. I sent the support ticket to Cloudflare but they didn’t get back to me yet.

Can anyone look into this ASAP?

I don’t want to reveal here URL publicly so I wish your dashboard could display a unique ID of the entity so that it can be reported here in public. Can someone from Render team DM me?

Hi @sky, I’ll follow up via DM.

Hello @david. Can someone look into it? Looks like I am still experiencing issues.

Yes, we have multiple people looking into it. Sorry for the disruption.

@david @john_B any news? At this point, my website’s traffic plunged by 40% - its not going good and I am thinking about changing the host.

Did you guys introduce any major changes recently since beginning on January? Could you give me more info what’s going on?

FYI - We’re chatting with @sky via an alternate support channel. We’ll post back here for the wider audience when we’ve got it all figured out.