Static sites: Do I really need Cloudflare on top of Render?

Is anyone here using Cloudflare on top of their Render static site? If yes, why? Are there any performance improvements? Is this really needed?

Recently I have been experiencing issues with my static site accessibility and I suspect its because of Cloudflare - coming to conclusion that perhaps I don’t need to have on my static site at all.

Would love to hear your opinion on this.

Hi @sky,

All Render services already have Cloudflare DDoS protection. We also are switching over our static sites to use Cloudflare as a CDN very soon, so using Cloudflare on top may be redundant at that point.

What kind of accessibility issues are you seeing?

Hello @Jade_Paoletta . Finally someone is speaking up because I feel so helpless about the issues I am experiencing recently - my site’s traffic is down by 20% and this seems to have something to do with Cloudflare (just dont know is this CloudFlare you guys running in front of the Render or CloudFlare I connect to on my end).

I suspect that a lot of my website visitors is being blocked from accessing the website and this cause Google to de-rank/de-index my website in search results.

Please see this topic to understand what is going on:

Hi @sky,

Thanks for the additional detail. The team is still looking into it and will follow up on the original thread.