Is render down?

Today I was logging in render but suddenly a message appeared nginx error code 500: Internal server error so i wanted to ask if render is down?


We are seeing the same error page

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Our application is also down, render dashboard and the home page are likewise inaccessible.

Any reason why status page is not reflecting the outage?

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Guessing it is an upstream outage with Cloudlflare?

Still a bit worrying that render status page does not accurately reflect the outage some 20 minutes into the incident.

Hope it is resolved shortly!

Ok looks like things are coming back now. :pray:

Same here

@ethan is correct, we were affected by the critical Cloudflare incident. We updated our status page as soon as we were able: Render Status - Downtime for static sites and web services.

Service should be restored now, but please let us know if you continue to see issues. We’re very sorry for the disruption.

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