Static site much slower on than on Cloudflare Pages

Comparing the load times between a repository hosted on a static site and Cloudflare Pages, the site on is about 2-4 times slower than on Cloudflare.

Cloudflare Pages

Cloudflare Frankfurt 1.57 ms 0.71 ms 17.21 ms 44.30 ms
Cloudflare Amsterdam 43.88 ms 2.88 ms 16.65 ms 328.80 ms
Cloudflare London 13.07 ms 3.38 ms 21.13 ms 55.54 ms
Cloudflare New York 8.26 ms 6.43 ms 18.95 ms 150.01 ms
Cloudflare Dallas 34.09 ms 2.19 ms 14.7 ms 114.13 ms
Cloudflare San Francisco 70.17 ms 3.4 ms 20.37 ms 57.12 ms
Cloudflare Singapore 17 ms 2.16 ms 28.21 ms 342.06 ms
Cloudflare Sydney 105.33 ms 1.62 ms 14.5 ms 69.64 ms
Cloudflare Tokyo 4.69 ms 0.82 ms 12.84 ms 389.93 ms
Cloudflare Bangalore 40.64 ms 2.88 ms 16.48 ms 70.74 ms

Render Frankfurt 1.88 ms 0.99 ms 14.16 ms 202.77 ms
Render Amsterdam 26.55 ms 2.77 ms 20.58 ms 491.80 ms
Render London 16.6 ms 3.16 ms 19.32 ms 497.30 ms
Render New York 8.29 ms 1.74 ms 18.13 ms 258.78 ms
Render Dallas 147.56 ms 1.4 ms 13.76 ms 291.50 ms
Render San Francisco 19.23 ms 2.98 ms 14.82 ms 155.11 ms
Render Singapore 16.41 ms 3.91 ms 15.07 ms 560.44 ms
Render Sydney 105.26 ms 1.46 ms 11.05 ms 601.93 ms
Render Tokyo 5.85 ms 0.71 ms 12.01 ms 406.34 ms
Render Bangalore 313.34 ms 129.77 ms 143.63 ms 869.54 ms

Is there something that can be done to improve load times on Render? I would like to avoid having to split up a project between hosting providers.


Hi there,

Cloudflare is also the CDN for Render, so all things being equal, I expect these results to be similar, assuming both static sites were already cached in a Cloudflare edge server. I’m guessing Cloudflare would have some advantage if the requested static page needed to be loaded from the origin server.

Where did you get these results from, if you are okay sharing this information on your community post? Also, what URL did you use to check the Render and Cloudflare sites? If you want to keep this information private, you are welcome to open a support ticket from the Render dashboard, and we can talk about this in private.


Hello Keith,

thank you for your response. As stated in the post, I used to get those metrics. For the static page on Render I used http://<render-project> whereas for CloudFlare I used https://<cf-project> to avoid potentioal issues with the custom domain configuration in both cases.

I will open a support ticket to talk with you about the specifics.

The final answer here is that by default, Render sets cache-control: public, max-age=0, s-maxage=300 on responses. So pages are cached for 5 minutes before being re-fetched from the Cloudflare origin. This will be from Oregon, making the TTFB slower depending on the client’s location. Setting your cahce-control header should help with this:


Render Support, UTC+10 :australia:

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