Unable to connect to private github repo

I’m having trouble deploying a github repo that was converted from public to private. I’ve checked my Github Render integration and Render theoretically has access to all repos.

Something to note though is that my Render account is also supporting two web services that deployed some repos that are not owned by me, so I’m wondering if the integration got confused somewhere.

Hi @Yiren_Lu, can you let me know the name of the service so I can take a look? Also, were you the person who initially deployed the service initially?

Yeah the webservice is called No More Hustleporn Ghost. And yes, I was the person who deployed initially.

Hi @Yiren_Lu, thanks for that info, can you try following the link here Troubleshooting GitHub | Render and see if that helps resolve the issue?

yes I did this and render is installed in my github…not sure what else I should be checking.

Hi @Yiren_Lu, that is strange behavior. I am going to follow up in a DM with some additional questions.