Problem with Github permissions

Render doesn’t seem to be able to get my latest commits from Github and I don’t know why.

The Web Service (Django application) has been deployed by another developer and I have deleted him from the repo, so it may be related to the sentence in help section “Team Specific Issues”: “When the creator of a Render service no longer has access to its GitHub repository, it can create issues with both manual and automatic deploys”.

How should I proceed to solve this issue?

I have temporarily solved this by making the repo public every time I deploy, but of course this has vulnerability issues and it’s not the proper way to proceed. Apparently Render is unable to connect to a private repo.

Hi Daniel,

I’ve replied to the ticket you also opened, so we can discuss your account in more detail. Once we’ve got to the bottom of the issue and found the solution there, maybe you can update this post to share it with the community.


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