Can't find my Github repos on render

Hi all.

I’m relatively new to Render. I am trying to deploy my first web service on Render and I am in the process of connecting my GitHub repository.

After linking my GitHub account, I am unable to see my private repository or that of the organizations I belong to. I only see three public repos I have contributed to in the past. I have a lot more public repos that are not listed.

My question is, how do I connect to a repo in a GitHub organization I belong to or own? I will very much appreciate any assistance I am able to get. Thanks.


Each owning Github account/org that your GitHub account has access to (as a collaborator, org member, etc.) will need the Render GitHub App configured to allow Render access to repos (all, or specific ones).

Updating the Render GitHub App is covered in the GitHub troubleshooting section in our docs:

To access the Render GitHub App, visit while logged into a GitHub account with access to add apps to the account/org. Then give the Render GitHub app the permissions to the repos you want to use (or set to “all” to include any future repos).