Un-skipping PR Preview

We use PR previews to test features before deploying to production.

For new Merge Request at GitLab I’ve disabled PR preview using with [skip preview] suffix in the Merge request title.

After branch was ready to test, I’ve removed the suffix, but render didn’t create PR Preview for that Merge request.

PR Preview has been created when I pushed new commit (even that it was a change in a changelog file that is not listed in Build Filters)

I think that render should track changes in Merge request title and pushing new commit should not be necessary to force PR preview.


Thanks for the feedback. Please feel free to add that as a feature request to our feedback site, so that it can be reviewed by the team and other customers.


IMHO ability to un-skip PR Preview is not a feature - inability to do so is a bug.

I’d have to disagree that it’s a bug. Service previews are created when a PR is opened. If you’ve chosen to skip the preview for a PR for whatever reason, then it won’t be rechecked.

I guess it’s a difference in workflows. Personally, I only raised a PR when it is ready for review, so I want the preview created. If your PRs are created a lot earlier in a more developmental/unfinished stage, then I can understand you’d want to skip them until they’re ready.

The simplest workaround would be close and recreate the PR when the branch is ready for preview (not the best case, as you’d lose any conversation/comments, but a workaround nonetheless).

There are also other feature requests on the feedback site to be able to create previews manually from branches, which may also fit your use case. Then, you would have control over exactly when a preview is created.


Sometimes it makes sense to create Draft pull requests to discuss code with developers or to request for approval.

Such PRs may contain lots of commits and it may not be necessary to trigger a PR previews until it’s ready for QA review.

Anyway it’s possible to work around this issue with pushing new commit after [skip preview] has been removed

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