Avoid preview environments for draft PRs?

How can we configure Render to only start a preview environment for non-draft PRs / PRs marked ready for review?

Our development process starts in draft, and we only need the hosted environment when work is ready for review. We’d like this to be automatic. Everything about Render’s automation works for us except we’d like to avoid the unnecessary resource use when work is only draft.

Hey Matt,

That’s a great question and the answer right now would be, you can’t - we have no distinction between draft or ready pull requests. I can’t really think of a workaround that could help here.

That being said, I’m going to send this feature request over to our product team for consideration.

John B

Ok, follow up question, and apologies if this is clearly in the docs:

Can we turn off “auto-preview-on-PR” and let our devs individually trigger a preview environment?

I’ve seen a few forum threads talking around this but no explicit implementation guidance.

Kinda like a [skip-ci] thing? we don’t have an equivalent for preview environments (yet).

John B

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