PR static previews from outside contributors

I’m not sure if this is possible currently, but I have Render static site builds enabled for an open source project, and I’d love it if PRs from outside contributors would trigger a new build. Right now it only works for people who open PRs directly within the repo (aka me). At the moment I don’t even see a way to kick off a PR build manually…


The problem with this is that it would put you on the hook for the cost of the resources for the pr environment which might be undesired here.

Exploring this more though - if someone forks your repo and then branches it and then submits a PR from their branch to your main branch you’d want a preview environment created?

John B

That’s understandable, but in this case it’s only a static site so that’s not a problem. So yes, somebody’s forked repo with a branch that they submit as a PR to the main repo should trigger a preview IMO.

I’ll definitely send that feedback to the correct people,


John B

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