Transferring a GitHub repo to a new organization

You can move a GitHub repo for your Render service to a new GitHub organization, as long as you ensure that permissions are set up correctly.

As long as you will have access to the repository in its new location, you just need to configure the Render GitHub app to have access to your destination organization. Visit the Render app at and choose your organization to install the app in (or configure it if it’s already installed, and make sure you have given Render access to all repositories in the organization:

You can also wait until you’ve transferred the repo to the new organization if you only want to give Render access to some but not all of the repos in that organization, but Render will not be able to deploy your app until you’ve finished the transfer and the configuration.

If you would like to also rename your repo, Render will automatically begin using the new name if you rename the repository through GitHub.

If there are any issues with configuration or permission after you have transferred your repo to the new organization, your Render service will continue to run, but Render will be unable to deploy new versions until the issues have been resolved. If this happens, reach out to the Render team and we’ll be happy to help.

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