Issue deploying from organization gitgub repo

I had a repo in my personal GitHub account and I deployed it as a web service fine.
I then moved this to my workplace organization account, I am a member, not an owner.
When try and create a new web service>connect repository I get ‘You don’t have access to this repository through your GitHub account’
If I click configure account I am presented with ‘Install Render’ page, I can see the organization and click configure, it shows ‘Render has access to the following repositories organization’ and I can select the repository, it shows a label of ‘Request’ after repo name, see screenshot.
If I click update access I am returned to render with nothing happening.

Do I need to get an organization owner to allow render access to repo?
Thanks in advance for any help.

HI there,

You will need an admin in your GitHub org to approve access to your repo from our GitHub app.


Render Support, UTC+10 :australia:

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