Getting 503 'This service has been suspended by its owner.' without suspending the service

I successfully migrated our web service and database to Render yesterday. Was a really good experience.

The only problem is that we since then get a lot of 503 errors with the following message: ‘This service has been suspended by its owner.’. Our service is clearly not suspended and this only happens on a small yet notable number of requests, which is frustrating to our users. I created a second web service that I suspended on purpose to see if it gives me the same error and it does.

Thank you for your help.

Update: 8% of all requests hitting the service respond with 503: “This service has been suspended by its owner.”

The service is not suspended. Creating a second web service with the same configuration results in the same behaviour. 8% of all requests fail with this error since Saturday.

Hey Lucas,

I apologize for the delayed response. It looks like one of our proxies incorrectly treated your service as suspended, so all requests served by that instance were rejected. I’ve removed that instance from service so you should no longer see 503s. We will investigate how that instance ended up in an incorrect state.

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Thank you Jake. It seems to work now.

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