Slack won't connect

Slack says that Render is not an approved app:

But, lots of people use it. Something is wrong with my account or my config.

Hi @lewisl, we haven’t yet submitted our app for approval by Slack, but you should still feel comfortable using it. We just use the app to post notifications in a particular slack channel.

Yes, thank you. Slack won’t let me connect Render so I don’t get any notifications.

How about just doing email? I realize everyone under 30 is allergic to email, but it’s probably easier on your end.

For me, Slack is just another thing and I actually have to maintain it a bit. I realize for folks already heavily using Slack, it’s just fine.

We do have email notifications, which can be configured from your account settings page.

Shoot. Missed that. Will do…

I only see the use of account notifications (which I’ve set as email) for failures. Luckily, not experiencing failures any more. And also notifications for PR’s.

Is there an option to be notified for successful deployment?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have email notifications on successful deploys. For that you will have to set up slack notifications.