Disable Slack Notifications for Preview Envs

Right now we both:

  1. Create preview envs on every PR
  2. Have slack notifications turned on for render (deploys, servers being down, etc.)

These are both great! The one problem is that we get slack notifications for service failures in our preview envs which aren’t necessarily critical and create a bit of noise. Is there any trick to turning off or reducing the number of slack notifications when they are coming from a preview env?

Other than writing code that works of course :slight_smile:

We would also like to have this functionality – PR notifications are quite noisy

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

The Slack notifications aren’t currently configurable, however, there does appear to be a feature request on our feedback site for Configurable slack notifications.

Please feel free to upvote/comment to be notified of any updates.

Kind regards


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