BitBucket and Autodeploy feature

Hi guys!
Since 17 of April, render supports natively the integration with BitBucket, in the company in which i’m working of as a Software Engineer, we are using BitBucket as our Git server and repos manager, so as soon as Render announces the BitBucket integration we tried to connect the repos and the services using the newly created integration.
Now, what’s the matter, seems like the AutoDeploy feature, it’s not working, any push on the repo does not trigger the deploy, also if the AutoDeploy flag is on “Yes” and the repos are correctly connected. The same configuration, works for Github AutoDeploy.
Have you experienced the same issue?
Is someone using the BitBucket integration, and successfully AutoDeploy their projects?
Someone in the Render Team, knows about this issue? And maybe when it could be fixed?

Thank you all for the patience.
Best Regards!

Hey Luigi,

Please contact us directly from the Render dashboard ‘Help’ link in the top and we can investigate what’s going on here,


John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

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