Problem with the deployment URL

Hey guys. I deployed something on render, but when I try to use its URL to connect it to Slack, it gives me this error:
“Your request URL responded with an HTTP error. Update your URL to receive a new request and challenge value.” and " Request URL: Your URL didn’t respond with the value of the challenge parameter."

I am using the url with “/”+ the name that I chose for my app in my code. Is there any chance that you may help me to how to use this url.

Many tahnks in advance.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

This seems like a Slack-related question and I’m guessing you’re referring to their challenge process for the Events API.

You’ll need to ensure you’re following the steps and returning the value they expect. This part of the Slack documentation seems to cover the challenge flow:

Hope that helps


Thank you Alan for your reply. But a more general question is regardless of using slack, how can I use the URL that is generated by the deployment process in Render (I mean if I want to use it to send and receive info and test the API).

I’m not sure I understand the question, it sounds like you’re asking “how do I write an app?”. You would need to code the paths/endpoints in whichever language/framework you are using to respond as you want/need.

If you have a specific issue, please elaborate on it, and we may be able to assist further, however at the moment you’ve not provided much information to go on.

Kind regards


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