Setup for a webservice that's only used sporadically?

I love how easy it is to set up a Fastapi server in Render (vs., AWS Lamda, etc.). However, I find myself in the following scenario: one of my routes is used to do some light video editing with FFMPEG, and the Starter instance runs quite slow for my taste. On the other hand, I really don’t need that route to be up 24/7; it’s only used a couple of minutes each day.

I’m tempted to upgrade the plan for more compute power for that route only, but then again, how can I achieve a rational, efficient use of the plan? Is there a way to spin down the instance to 0 after some minutes of idle time? I could then just make an API call to wake it up. I don’t care for cold starts.

Also, just to be sure: am I correct in that I won’t be charged when the instance is suspended/spun down?



It sounds like you’re describing one-off jobs, which I see you opened another topic about.


Thanks Alan! Yes, I saw one-off jobs and thought I was onto something, but still wanted to keep this thread in case I was heading on the wrong direction.

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