Options bridging free tier and $20/mo to avoid service sleeping

According to the docs, while Render offers 750 hours of uptime on the free tier, this does come with the service going to sleep if unused for 15 minutes. I understand that this is build to push users toward paid service, but the first entry being $20/mo is quite a big jump.

Is there anything to bridge the gap here for continual uptime, or do I just have to write a ping script to utilize my 750 free hours? If the choice comes down to $20/mo or inconvenience myself by writing a ping service, the choice is rather obvious. Feels weird that I have to play games like this in order to fully utilize my free tier offerings though.

Hi there,

Our starter instance type is $7 per month - this will prevent a service from sleeping - you only need to change the instance type the service itself is using from the settings tab of the service,


John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

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