Web service becomes inactive if not used for a while

I have a strapi app deployed as a web service on render which seems like it is sleeping if not in use for some time because in the logs I can see yarn start being fired multiple times.
I had initially thought that unlike heroku’s dynos which also sleep when not in use, this wouldn’t happen with render even though i am currently on the free tier.
Does this change for the paid tiers? And can someone confirm that this is correct behaviour for a web service on render?

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I have exactly the same problem. After a while without calling my NodeJS API, it goes like rest mode and the new call takes SO LONG waiting for the node start…

This is expected behaviour on the free plan - see https://render.com/docs/free for details.

John B

Thanks for the info

oh i see thanks! so on the starter and starter plus plans this shouldnt happen right?

Thats correct, services remain running on paid plans

John B

Yes, I am using starter plan service now, and all is working very smooth and properly as expected.

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