Slow response of API

After Deploying to render ( free ), the reponse time for api has been increased.

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I’m having this issue as well. It was fine a couple of weeks ago, and now it takes 2 minutes for my instance to figure out it should boot up, and by that time the message I have sent it to run has been lost.


Free instance types spin down after 15 minutes of inactivity and then will restart when they next receive a request, this restart behavior will make the first request slow. This behavior is documented at

If you need your service always be available, moving to a paid instance type avoids this behavior, and the service will remain running constantly.

To change the instance type, follow these steps

  • Navigate to the service in our dashboard
  • Open the ‘Settings’ tab
  • Click on the ‘Change Instance Type’ button
  • Select the instance type you wish to use (the minimum to avoid sleeping is Starter)
  • If you want to change back to the free instance type, repeat this process but select ‘free’.

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Has there a change to how long instances take to spin up on a free plan? I have been running my web app for about 6 months now and it used to take maybe 30s to spin up, now it’s taking 2m 30s.