Service failures after deployments

Since this week, I’ve been receiving failure notices shortly after a deployment has succeeded. It’s quite unnerving - the services seem fine as soon as I check.

Surely the deployment would have failed if the health checks hadn’t passed?

Is anyone aware of any issues?

Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 13.20.50
Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 13.21.22

Hi David,

It looks like those failure notices might be from the service becoming unhealthy some time after a successful deploy. The health checks passed so the deploy was marked live but when a service encounters some bad state and needs to be restarted we send a failure notification. The service was restarted a minute after the failure and it became healthy again so that is likely why you didn’t notice any issues when you checked.

Thanks, Tyler. Understand :+1: It was just strange becaue I hadn’t had any issues the week before, and following the creation of this thread, I stopped receiving any failures again. Just seemed like a blib for a short few days where this was happening.

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