Deployment fails with no errors but works after clearing build cache

This happens on deployments for two separate web-services. One is a Next.js application and another is a fresh Nest.js application. For the fresh application the first deployment failed and passed on the second clearing the build cache. For the Next.js application the deployment did not work after multiple attempts and clearing the build cache was what made it work.

This seems concerning since there are no errors in either projects and it’s unclear why deployment fails. My guess is that /health check never returns a 200 and eventually the deployment times out.

Can I get more feedback on why this might be happening because this issue seems pretty opaque.

I think I just replied to another post from you - how are things now? We’ve definitely got work to do around better highlighting why deploys are failing - it’s been a bit of a hot topic internally for us this week as well.

John B

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