Deploy of HTTP service stuck "In progress ..."

We have an HTTP service which has been failing to deploy for the last few hours. Each attempt ends with the service seemingly up (I am seeing requests in console on the deploy page), but the deployment stuck in the “In progress …” state. The service in question does NOT have health-checks configured (and cannot for un-interesting reasons). Is there a way to understand what is blocking the service from being marked “Live”?

The dashboard link is here.



Thank you for reporting this! We are currently investigating - we’ll continue to post status updates via our Status Page:

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Hi @pgriess,

I wanted to update you that this issue has been resolved. Thanks for your patience as we worked to address this!

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Thanks, @Jade_Paoletta and team!

Is there anything interesting / useful that can be shared from this incident? I’d love to be able to better self-diagnose these types of issues.

Hi @pgriess,

In this instance, I don’t believe there was much more you could have done to self-diagnose, as the issue was on our end. To provide some context, a code change caused a bug in the system, which in turn led to delayed deploy updates. We deployed a fix shortly after discovering the bug, and it took some time for the backed up deploys to go live.