Rails app not working (Free plan)

I deployed a Rails app (API mode) and the Dashboard says deploy was successful, however accessing the site gives me a 404 and no logs.

If I spam the Refresh button in browser, the site shows up briefly but only once every 20 times or so. When it works, I see the logs.

Behavior is exactly the same when I use:

  • my custom domain
  • the onrender URL
  • a different computer
  • a VPN

It’s very similar to the following post so maybe a problem on Render’s end?


This was an issue ourside that affected services using our Free plan in Ohio (https://status.render.com/incidents/k6vkl25csw83) - this should all now be working as expected. If you have any further issues please reach out to us via support@render.com

John B

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The website is responding normally now. I’ll keep an eye on that status page in the future if it happens again. Thanks!