Rails Native Environment Doesn't Work On Free Plan

Hey folks,

I was playing around with the Render Free Tier and trying to deploy a (non-dockerized) Rails app. However, I kept getting 404’s when it deployed, and the logs showed no activity. So I tried the sample Rails app provided in the documentation. I forked it here: GitHub - mdbenjam/rails-6 and just changed the render.yaml to mark the plans as free. I had the same issue with the sample app.

When I upgraded my plan to the starter package, it started working, so I assume it’s just that rails apps can’t run in such a constrained environment?

Just wanted to let folks know, since I spent a good amount of time digging into it.

Hi @mdbenjam,

Thanks for reaching out here and reporting this. Rails should be compatible with free tier. We took a look at this and it looks like there was an issue on our end. We’ve applied a fix and your Rails free service should be available now.

Looks like it’s working! Thanks @Jade_Paoletta