Python build is 10 minutes (vs. 30 secs on Heroku)

It uses Python 3.10.5 (which is cached) and Poetry install (whose work doesn’t get cached). I haven’t looked to see if I can make any changes there — I let Render automatically set this up. It’s a pretty simple FastAPI+Strawberry GraphQL service. No Django, no templating, etc.

Is there anything I can do to speed this up? 10 minutes vs. 30 secs is a huge difference, and it’s keeping my app on Heroku. I’ve got a process that depends on this being a small & light service that I can restart in seconds.

(FWIW, on Heroku Poetry isn’t directly supported and so I’m using a buildpack that creates a requirements.txt and then installs from that.)


Looking at the times for your last 3 deployments they were 2 minutes, 2 minutes and 10 minutes so a low number of data points but it seems like you’ve made some changes since you posted here perhaps?

John B

Hi, thanks for taking a look. I noticed the speed-up as well. I didn’t make any real changes — I’m suspecting it might be due to the build server load based on the time of day. ? The 10-minute one was right in the middle of the working day, USA time.

By the way, would building locally and deploying as a Docker image speed this up?

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