Proper way to deploy MERN app

There’s so many different ways to architect a MERN app. How do I deploy a MERN app where I have the client side and server side self contained in seperate folders and no global gitignore or package.json. Both foders have their own files. I am also using with env references to the client side url running on local host. Any help would be appreciated as this has been very frustrating for a beginner. Thank you in advance.

You’ve got a number of options here but it’s very much down to how your repo is structured, you’re absolutely right - there’s no right and wrong way.

Whilst we don’t have a specific guide, some googling led me to:

and something else you might want to consider is using our Monorepo feature which lets you specify which folders are deployed to which service but that depends on your folder structure.

John B

I’ve got the front end up now. However, I’m reading that Render does not support mongodb connection. Is this true? The post was from june 21st. EDIT: Nevermind. It was an old post. My only issue now is getting mongodb to connect. I’ve whitelisted all ip’s on the database. However, I don’t know anything about seeding the mongodb as greg does in that article. Is that necessary? EDIT 2: Nevermind again. I’ve got the backend deployed now. I went back to the older node version connection string without the srv. I probably could have enabled useNewUrlParser and useUnifiedTopology as an alternative. Anyway, thanks for the help and the fast response, John. You’re the man.

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