Render MERN stack on same domain

I have a MERN stack currently deployed on heroku and I am trying to migrate it to render. The backend uses Node and the frontend uses React. The backend uses node on localhost:5000 and interacts with the frontend on localhost:3000. How can I achieve the same thing on render. I have currently deployed the front end as a static website and the backend as a web service but cant seem to establish communication. I am definitely missing something here, I will appreciate if somebody can guide me or point me in the right direction

Hi John,

Thanks for reaching out.

This sounds similar to a post I replied to yesterday, the applicable part being:

The usual implementation with the set-up you described would be a Web Service backend/API that connects to MongoDB and the static frontend makes calls to your backend. For example, a React Static Site on would make client-side JS calls to, where the backend can query MongoDB directly and return the data to the frontend.

So the backend deployed to a Web Service and the Frontend deployed to a Static Site. And you’d configure the frontend to make client-side JS requests to the backend.

It comes down to your own implementation, but that would be a common pattern.


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