Postgres Docker + Disk Render config?

I have a unique use case where I can’t use the Render managed Postgres (primarily because I’m using logical replication to listen to the Postgres WAL). Right now I’m using AWS RDS postgres but I’d rather have my database server running alongside my other Render services.

In the docs I see that you can run MySQL and ClickHouse docker images along with Render Disks. As ClickHouse is Postgres-based, I assume it is possible to run Postgres on docker as well?

Can anyone advise me on how configure a render.yaml file to run this image: GitHub - supabase/postgres: Unmodified Postgres with some useful plugins

Hi @cpursley, welcome to the Render community!

It is possible to run PostgreSQL via Docker on Render. Just to get you started, you could fork the supabase repo that you’ve linked and configure your render.yaml to use the Dockerfile at the root of the repo. Then from there, you can add the necessary environment variables as well.

Regarding the restriction of using our managed postgres, feel free to add a feature request around support for logical replication as well so that we can gauge interest around this feature.

Thanks Jade, I’ll give that a go.

I also opened a feature request: Allow for Postgres logical replication | Feature Requests | Render