Comparing with

I’m impressed with the feature set of Render. I am comparing with which also looks good to me. I’m curious to hear from anyone who has done an evaluation between the two generally.

The global features of Fly look good. Being able to run my application at the edge and have database read access replicated around the world at the edge too sounds quite good.

We’re currently on Postgres and do not plan to change our database choice anytime soon.

Does Render have anything similar to Fly available? Or will then (e.g. on the roadmap?).


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Hi @jasonkuhrt,

We’re happy to hear that you’re considering Render! If you are interested in our PostgreSQL offering, we do offer a managed PostgreSQL product with the option of adding a read replica, and support for PG v11-14. More info on that here. We’re also working on allowing multiple databases in a single database instance.

In terms of multi-region support, that’s definitely something that’s on our radar for the long-term, but we don’t have a ETA for that we can share at the moment. If that’s something you’d like to see, please feel free to add your feedback around this so that we can prioritize it accordingly!