Postgres Replication?

I’m seriously impressed with what I’ve seen so far of Render.

I don’t see any talk of replication or redundancy around the managed Postgres offering, is there any? Or any planned? I realize I could use a pair of Render Disks in a private service and do my own DB replication and management, but there’s a reason for managed databases… :slight_smile:


– T.J.

Hey @tjcrowder, we do have plans for a highly available database offering, you can get updates on that by following the feature request here: High Availability for PostgreSQL | Feature Requests | Render

We also recently launched read replicas in early access, that feature request is here: Read Replicas for PostgreSQL | Feature Requests | Render

You can request access to the read replicas early access program by emailing It would be great to get some more details about your use case, if you are interested in participating int he early access program.