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Hey everyone,

I’m relatively new to Render and I’m curious about the best practices for optimizing my app’s performance on the platform. Are there any specific tips or techniques you’ve found particularly effective in maximizing speed and efficiency?


Optimization is likely to be more effective when applied directly to your app, as Render manages most other aspects. We don’t have specific ‘optimization’ tips, but it’s important to ensure you’re not using a free instance type if performance is a priority. Regularly reviewing your service metrics to ensure there’s sufficient resource headroom is also crucial.

The performance primarily depends on how your application is coded and implemented. It’s essential to ensure that a single application or service isn’t handling too many tasks and is offloading work to other services to prevent worker lockup. Configuring the appropriate number of workers for web servers and ensuring your code is memory-efficient are also key factors!

Render Support, UTC+3

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