Understanding Memory Usage

Hey Render Team,

I’m wrapping my head about memory usage. The app I have deployed in the starter plan is a Remix app. There I have a route that generates optimized images and returns them with “chache-forever” headers. No in-memory caching or disk caching involved, since the CDN is taking care of caching here.

Running on my Laptop, I stay around 80 MB with caching disabled in the dev tools and refreshing every ~2 seconds. The deployment, however, runs into >512 MB memory usage and fails after the very first request.

I have no idea where to start debugging.

Hi Carl,

I wasn’t able to locate any services you deployed using this email address, did you happen to use another account? In general for application performance and optimization our recommendation is that you add any available logging or performance metrics internally first to try to identify any bottlenecks or potentially expensive operations.