Improve build performance

Hi! I’m currently working on a product that’s a web service implemented in Rust. Due to some build dependencies we are using Docker. I optimised our Dockerfile as much as I could in order for Render to leverage Docker cached layers as much as possible. I even added a custom cache scripts that caches my project’s built dependencies artifacts in order to avoid compiling them. The issue is when a new dependency is added or updated, in that case all dependencies get re-built.

When a build is able to use dependencies cache the total build time till the new version of the service is available, takes 7 minutes which for now is acceptable (although I would prefer faster times: 2’ to 3’ would be ideal). One dependencies cache cannot be used the total build time is around 25’. Rust is know for slow compile time but the issue here is that the machine building my image in Docker is dead simple slow.

Would it be possible for Render to provide better machines when building? I’m pretty confidence that the CPU power we get in the starter plan is more that enough for running my service. But we need way better build times. Is this something Render is considering improving? I would like to avoid having to setup a custom build pipeline with better hardware just to build the Docker image for Render to pull down.

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More powerful build containers are planned, feel free to add your vote/comment to the feature request to be notified of any updates:


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