Very slow performance compared to using local machine

Hi, im very new to render and have just switched from using a local sqlite db to a postgresql db. im using the standard pricing plan and i feel im making very simple requests to the database which were instant before on my local machine and now they take 3-4 seconds using render which makes my website load very slow. for context its a booking website for a restaurant. so im updating timeslots and refreshing bookings a lot etc. any help is appreciated. thanks


To be honest, many factors can affect a website’s speed, whether it’s your code, Render, or other elements. It’s really impossible to determine the cause without more details about what you’re deploying, what you’ve tried to fix the slowness, etc. You can contact us directly via the ‘Contact Support’ modal, and we can try to take a look. Please provide more details and steps to reproduce the issue.

Render Support, UTC+3

ok ill contact support. thanks