Papertrail logs are out of order

The logs sent from my render apps to Solarwinds Papertrail are out of order. I dont see anything on Papertrail to sort logs by timestamp, so I feel like this integration is not very usable. Any thoughts?

The leftmost timestamp is Papertrail’s timestamp, and the rightmost is coming from my application. The logs are indeed jumbled, and it can be really hard to mentally assemble the logs in the right order.

Hi Ricky,

We do sometimes send logs out of order. We’re in the process of upgrading our log stream components which should make this less likely to happen in the future. Overall those upgrades should make logstreams more reliable.

We currently have multiple threads sending logs to your log stream, and these threads may deliver logs out of order. As we upgrade our log streams we’re changing our concurrency model so that only one thread will be sending your logs. This means it will be much less likely that we will send logs out of order.

I am surprised Papertrail doesn’t have this capability. I think your best bet for now would be to either try out a different logging tool, or have Papertrail forward your logs to another system with better reporting/analysis.



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