Log output delayed, log streams not showing up

Not sure when this started, but when I look at my application logs in the render dashboard UI for a given app, the log output is very delayed (right now its around 1 hour 10 minutes). On top of that, some of my application logs are making their way to the configured log stream and some are not.

Is anyone else having issues with logging output?


Same happening to me, no logs for 12+ hours.

Paul, can you provide a service ID here? And you Tim please?

John B

Just sent in a DM.

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I have the same problem with all services. Could you please help me as well?


Service ID: c9hl30j97ej9d2ipk8v0

  • Seeing a mix of todays logs and logs from September 11th

Service ID: c9md4g4gqg436j4ug4h0

  • Seeing logs only from September 11th

Both these services are running instances of the same application

I have the same problem. The web service ID is “srv-ca2d2agnlki0ngdbn9e0”. The log has not update since Sep 13,

Sep 13 06:39:42 PM }
Sep 13 06:39:42 PM Error: No API

The log didn’t update even I deployed the app in Sep 14 again.

I checked the LogStreams on Papertrail, it logged the deployed messages in Sep 14 but no any app console.log messages.

Please help.


The log function is back to working. Thank you.

Logs are still not working right for me. They are inconsistent, delayed or not showing up at all.