Log Streams are suddenly not working

It seems like zero logs are coming through for any of my deploys and any of my apps. I use a Papertrail stream and I’ve never had any issues before.

I only noticed because I have Papertrail send me a push notification if it doesn’t see a heartbeat log after a certain amount of time.

If I click on the Render app and go to the logs, I can see them all on the Render website. So it seems like the issue is the connection to Papertrail.

Is something Render-wide happening on this or is it just me?

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Hi Harry,

Thank you for flagging. Our team is aware of an issue affecting log streams and we are currently working on a fix. We’ve updated our status page accordingly and will continue to post updates there https://status.render.com/

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For folks who land on this, my Log Streams still aren’t working, even though the status page says the issue is resolved.