Logs streams delay

What’s the typical delay for logs to be sent to the provider specified?

I just finished the setup but there are no logs being sent to our account.

The initial test log is there, but nothing else…

CleanShot 2021-04-27 at 13.34.08

Same here. Just set up Papertrail. Test log comes in successfully, then nothing.

Hey @che and @simon, sorry you ran into those issues. I’ve investigated this and found a problem with registering new endpoints in our EU region, which has now been resolved. You should now see those logs coming through, but please let me know if you run into other issues.

Appreciate you both flagging this issue so that we can iron out any issues as we launch this feature.

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hey @hari we’re seeing UNIDENTIFIABLE_SYSLOG_SOURCE in the majority of our logs.

Hey @che, thanks for reporting this! It looks like some of your services might be missing the slug annotation, so it’s not available like you see for your “sigma-staging” service. We’ll add a fallback identifier (the service ID) to those logs, and eventually they will be updated with the slug as well.

Sorry @hari I don’t quite understand what you mean…

Why are some services missing the slug and some aren’t, sigma-staging in particular.

Is this a known bug on your end and how long will it take you to fix it?

Hey @che, certain services aren’t annotated with the slug due to the way we manage annotations internally. Now that the slug is available in Log Streams, we’re working to ensure that it’s available on all services in the near term. I don’t have an ETA to provide for you at this point, but we have deployed a change to instead send the service ID in your logs, so that you don’t see the “unidentifiable syslog endpoint”.

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