Our database service is in a weird state (Internal server error)

We created a team in Render, but then created a blueprint under one of the personal accounts by mistake.

We removed the blueprint again, but I think something was left in a weird state because when we tried to create the blueprint again (with the same names) under our team account it failed, and now we’re stuck with a database service we can’t remove. (We get an Internal server error when trying to view the resource)

Thanks for getting in touch - it’s definitely in a bit of a weird state here.

I’m going to loop in our engineering team here to take a look at what’s going on here.

John B

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Hi there,

We’ve fixed the underlying issue - your dashboard will still show a database but that’s not really there so you can go ahead and delete that and you should be all ok moving forward now.

Curious though, did you transfer services from the personal account to the team account here? Or was the DB created directly in the team, it’s a pretty rare scenario that it got into here,


John B

We did not transfer any services. We created them under an individual account first, then realized our mistake we deleted the blueprint and re-created it under our team and that’s where we ended up with services in weird states

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