Debug server wasn't able to start properly

Just tried to upload some updates to my simple strapi app (web service) and received this error, and I’m not sure why. The deploy is successful, but it fails on starting the server.

I’m not running a debug server.

I’ve noticed some new content on the render interface about a ‘health check’, does this error have to do with that?

Any insight would be appreciated, thank you.

Hey @mqpiffle,

Are you seeing a deploy status of “Timed Out”? This means that your deploy went 15 minutes without passing its health check. If so, can you verify that the health check you defined returns a successful response on startup?

If not, can you share more information about the failure you are seeing?

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Hi Jake, thanks for getting back!!

I actually figured it out.

When I uploaded the changes to strapi this time, render created a new instance of my postgres database for some reason. I deleted that instance and had to point the environment variable on the web service back to the original database. Now everything works as intended.

It is a bit disconcerting that render would just spin up a new database out of thin air, as I would probably would have to pay for that if it kept running, I assume. Any ideas why that would happen?

Glad to hear you figured it out. Are you managing your service with render.yaml? If so, it sounds like Render does not recognize your database as being managed by IaC, so it creates a new one instead.

To fix this, you should be able to update the name of the database in your render.yaml to the same name as the one that exists in the Render dashboard. Then run a manual sync for the render.yaml from the “Blueprints” tab and select “Use Existing Resources”.

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When I go to Blueprints > Manual Sync there is no option for Use Existing Resources.

And the options it’s asking to approve are not correct, even though I’ve fixed the render.yaml to match the database name. It wants to create a new database every time.

Ok I pushed one more upload and everything went smoothly without a new database being built.

There is some inconsistency in the Blueprint > Syncs dashboard though.
This is the initial screen. If I go to the Syncs tab:
I’m not sure what the ‘error’ here is, as everything appears to be good at this point. Just a bit of feedback, not sure if it’s a bug.

Thanks again for all of the help!