Slow server response

Hi,i have deployed my mern stack app on have an issue,when you first visit the website,the first requests to get data from server are very slow,approximately 25second,my server is deployed with free tier,please help me to solve this problem,what should i do?

This is because of the server getting a cold start.

In general the servers on free tier plans go to sleep after 30 minutes or so. And to “wake” them up again it takes about 30 seconds.

To resolve this I would suggest, you could use a free service like to hit your service’s url endpoint every 15 minutes or so, so that it never goes to sleep.

Let me know if it helps :slight_smile:


As siddharth mentioned, free instance types will spin down with inactivity and spin back up with a subsequent request - which can take a little time. This is noted in the docs:

And on the service dashboard:

Free instance types will spin down with inactivity. Upgrade to a paid instance type to prevent this behavior. Learn more.

Using any other techniques to keep a free instance type active will just use up your free hour quota quicker.


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