Free Accounts seems to launch every hour?

Hi I’m new to Render, and was giving things a spin on a free account - which I understand has a limited amount of compute. So I was a bit suprised that something that I’ve deployed - tried out a few ideas and then left it to automatically shut down seems to be burning through my free monthly credit. Looking in the logs it seems that my webapp is lauching automatically every hour and then suspending after 20 mins. I don’t believe anything is calling it - but I’m wondering if its the health check that render supports?

Possibly this is something that could be noted where you fill that out?

I removed the health check and I still observe unexpected startups of my experimental app - is there a known issue with this?

Hi there,

The health check will not spin your free service up after it spins down due to not receiving any HTTP requests. The only thing that would spin it back up is receiving an HTTP from an external source.

To investigate this further, please open a ticket directly with us using our dashboard.


Render Support, UTC+10 :australia:

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