Not able to fetch data from Render web service, stuck at pending

Hello, I’m pretty sure the problem is on my end and not Render but I have no idea what’s wrong. Locally everything works but when I deploy my backend to Render and then try to fetch data the frontend does not receive it and fetch calls are stuck at pending. Backend works though cause when I go into specific routes on the deployed Router site the data shows up normally. Please help!
The backend:
Backend repo: GitHub - itsechi/todo-backend
Frontend repo (it’s a multi repo for now but ignore the server folder): GitHub - itsechi/typescript-todo

Hi there,

You are correct that this is very unlikely to be a Render issue. This is even more confirmed when you say that the backend is running fine on Render on its own.

This is the sort of problem that is best solved by adding more insight into what’s happening – both frontend and backend – when calls are made from the former to the latter. This is often done through a combination of application logging, error/exception handling, and debugging, especially around these specific calls. Doing this will likely illuminate the nature of the problem for you.

Another potential cause can be dependency conflicts and version issues. Make absolutely sure that the dependencies and the versions that get installed on the service completely match what you are running locally.

Lastly, our troubleshooting guide is always a great resource for tips and solutions to common problems:

Just let us know if you have any further questions.


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